Mar 162014

Some of Ours Part 5 by J&M, Crux Forums

Photomontage with Mia in Mia Paris Studio & with Ryonen in Ryonen Beach Nymph by Petter Hegre, Hegre




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  13 Responses to “You’re being sold as sex slaves”

  1. I want to be auctioned in real ,like them

  2. so you should send me some photos of you

  3. I desire this life alt kinkysexslave40

  4. I am waiting to be sold and have a slave life. Who could help ? Kiss

  5. i .m slave like them who want to buy me

  6. Any slaves to be sold?

  7. I do this every time I rent a Naked Woman in a Brothel. She becomes my Sex Toy for the next 30 minutes and she earns her money believe me. No need to keep her. There are loads more where she came from lining up to be Sex Slave Whores.

  8. hoping to find someone that would like to collar and own me as their submissive property


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