Serena: Being walked naked in the park is certainly extremely humiliating, but she can’t say that she didn’t deserve it

Serena good girl 2, 2 version 2, 2b (cropped) & 2c by ODastein


Emily: Later, he will order her to come at his feet, walking the distance on all fours, and will make her apologize, beg for his forgiveness and promise to be a better girl

Emily in Desert by ODastein


Told that serving at the palace was the best position a slave could aspire to, but after only three days, she was already regretting her past life as a field slave

Slave waiting by ODastein


Iris: Happily knelt naked at his feet, the best place in the world according to her, she gladly offers him her body to torment at his leisure, such a small price to pay for the privilege of being kept as his slave

Iris in As it pleases you by ODastein


Clearly there was no need for any kind of punishment. But as he caressed her breasts with the birches, her perfect skin was just calling for a whipping, even if it was entirely undeserved.

Birches by ODastein


She would describe to him in great details all the perverted sexual acts she subjected herself to there

Canna and the inquisition by ODastein


A new slave from the barbaric lands of Britannia, is extremely impressed by the splendor of the Roman villa

Canna in loincloth by ODastein