Submissive Teressa has been handcuffed, wears a choker with a lead chain and has a double ring gag in her mouth as pleases her Master…

Teressa B (aka Tereza B, Tereza Bizarre) in Waiting for a new Order by Rasmus


Teressa drooling because of her mouth gag and chained by her collar can’t reach the door and flee. The chain is to short, so she must stay in my room nearly naked and drooling – a perfect slave waiting for me all day…

Teressa (aka Tereza B, Tereza Bizarre) in Unreachable Door by Rasmus


Poor Tereza in the interrogation room of the prison, handcuffed on the back, ankle restraints fixed on the floor and almost naked – so humiliating

Tereza B (aka Teressa, Tereza Bizarre) in Arrested & Why me? by Rasmus


Angel Black and Tereza: Don’t lie

Angel Black (aka Black Angel, Black Angelica) & Tereza B (aka Tereza Bizarre) in Being Tortured, The Punch, Don’t Lie, Inquisition & Inquisition II by Rasmus