Berseh: Spanking can be very arousing but you’re mean here. You’re not playing… You’re punishing me, it’s unfair I was a good girl!

Berseh (aka Slave B) in Mister … Master … Monster by jerry001


Berseh: No! I don’t want to hear anything from you. You’re just a useful furniture.

Berseh in … the story continues, What did I tell you?!; Clean Up & The End by jerry001


Berseh: You have to be good. Now sway those hips. People want to see if the ropes will glide and split you…

Berseh in Afternoon Stroll & Coming Home by jerry001


Berseh and Hadine: Flogging my crotch in front of slave Hadine? This is so humiliating..

Berseh (aka Slave B) & Hadine in Lucky Me! by jerry001


Berseh and Cass: Litterally treating me like her doggie

Berseh (aka Slave B) & Cass (aka Cassi) in Switching Time 01 by jerry001


Have good look, Mademoiselle Berseh. Stephanie will be your Mistress. But she serves me like you do.

Berseh (aka Slave B) & Stephanie in La Parisienne 21, 22, 23, 25, 26 & 27 by jerry001
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