She is chained by the ankles and the metallic sound is the rattling of her chains. She is a slave and she is carrying an order on top of her head… a vile and vulgar slave.

Farm slave 022 & 021 & Bath slave 002 by Tiivista


The boss is in a meeting with important business associates. He wants you serve a drink. Hurry up. And don’t forget why you are in the nude. Be kind and welcoming. The negociation is difficult. The break with you must relax the atmosphere.

Office Slave 002 by Tiivista


We were auctioned off like cattle

Cyo10 by jan1977

Photomontage with Ariel, Melena Maria (aka Maria, Maria Ryabushkina) & Marika in nude models by Petter Hegre, Hegre


Cleopatra VII Philopator, queen of Egypt, with a slavegirl imported from Nubia

The queen and the slave by Arkady Sviatchennik
The original image with Cleopatra is by Narkonew
The slavegirl is Putri, model of Petter Hegre



The plantation owner do like to train their slaves personally. An obedient slave will provide many years of pleasure and productive work.

Slaves Being Trained by Melissa

Photomontage with Simone in A day on the beach & Valerie in Vicious Power Back, Part Two by Petter Hegre, Hegre

Simone: a day on the beach
Valerie: vicious power back



Slave market in Cairo

Vente d’esclaves au Caire (revised) by Arkady Sviatchennik

Photomontage with Lissa A (aka Kamilla) in Olympia, MetArt (against the wall), Putri in Bali Pleasure, by Petter Hegre, Hegre (sitting naked) & Ryonen by Petter Hegre, Hegre

Inspired by Vente d’esclaves au Caire (The Slave Market), painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme 1871, Cincinnati Art Museum



Caprice has very personal needs that have to be catered for. Luckily for her, the masseuse understands completely what she wants.

Caprice (aka Bambi, Caprice A, Little Caprice) in Hot Hotel Massage by Petter Hegre