Annabelle, Jackie, Lucy and Jane: It’s that quality that keeps our customers coming back

Annabelle, Jackie, Lucy & Jane (from left to right) in The Slave Market by Rex


Slaves are a “green” resource, replacing polluting fossil fueled equipment

Reilly (2nd left) & Annabelle (right in the middle) in Wayne Farm: Slave Seasoning & The Midwestern Territories: Field Slavesby Rex


A disgraced redhead sold with her possessions—a pretty blonde and a strapping moor. Hundreds of miles to go, three more slaves to feed the hunger of distant markets.

Annabelle (blond) & Naomi (redhead) in Disgraced by Rex


Leena, Emilia, Annabelle and Naomi: Yep, just stick your tits at the crowd and don’t squeal too much when they pinch

Leena (Nubian), Emilia (standing), Annabelle (blond) & Naomi (redhead) in The Slave Pens by Rex


Annabelle, Cassandra and Jackie: Embarrassment which pointed towards recent enslavement. Fortunately for us, their time at the seasoning farm had taught them not to hide their nakedness.

Annabelle, Cassandra & Jackie in Fall of ’92: Slave Transport, Wayne Farm: Field Slaves & Wayne Farm: Slaves Outdoors by Rex


Lady Caroline and her maid Annabelle have been captured by pirates and now are prisoners on the pirate’s hideaway on a small island. Naked and chained…

Lady Caroline and her maid Annabelle in Anchored by Chris Macdee (Turnkey)


Karina, Naomi, Annabelle and Madeline: Your previous life is over, your new one is just beginning

Karina, Naomi, Annabelle & Madeline in Outtake: The Coffle by Rex


Dasha, Reilly and Annabelle: Imported stock for sale (from left): Russian female, 29, Turkish female, 22, American female, 23, English female, 30

Dasha, Reilly, Annabelle & English female in Slave Market & Slave Market: Oblique by Rex