When I was in school, I dreamed of sex education class where the girl of my dreams had to come to the front

School Girl 2 (cropped) by CiriLover1


She refused to wear her school uniform, so the principal and vice principal ripped all her clothes off and dragged her into the hallway butt naked in front of the whole school!

The principal forced her to go to school naked! by Fartsmeister


Jolene had to wear the school uniform

Jolene O’Brian (aka Slave Vulva, redhead, left), Amanda Dearing (governess) & 2 other slave students in Jolene Page 223 by Roissy


Write “I will not distract other students in class” on the board 25 times

Miss Leslie (teacher), Aly & Emi (writing) in Aly and Leslie Swap 5 by SlimMckenzie