Lucia Q: It’s wonderful to be your shackled slave

Lucia Q in L-Q 104.Reflections in chains with a glass of wine, L-Q 127. Chained, ringing bells and smiling…, L-Q 152. Amazement: Am I really hanging? & L-Q 177 & Shackled dansing by Boris Grid


Lucia Q: What else is waiting for me, Master?

Lucia Q in L-Q 192. For some reason she won’t leave here…, L-Q 175, L-Q 65. Submission in chains, L-Q 25. Hands behind the head... by Boris Grid


One thing’s for certain, she won’t try to escape again…

Beata Blue (aka BetaBlue) in Walk of Shame by Taurus

Beata Blue 3D character by tenen71