Lara Croft: Naked and handcuffed to a heating pipe in her own basement? She knows, she shouldn’t have opened the door.

Lara Croft in Tomb Raider – Secret Agents Arse (cropped) by honkus2


Lara Croft is fully nude and waiting in maximum security restraints. Send a prisoner van.

Lara Croft in Lara Croft’s transport (cropped) by honkus2


Berseh and Tawny: I am happily led and taken by my love, my Mistress, to walk fully chained

Berseh (aka Slave B) & Tawny in Just a Chain Walk by Tawny Tomsen


The slaver sets sail for the markets of the Carribbean

Underway 5 & 2 & Brig Amity by barbary-dream

Photomontage with Dia Zerva (aka Dea) in Challenged, Infernal Restraints, Insex (all pics) & Sophia Smith (last pic)


Kudos to the faker

Selected by Bond2bWild

This photomontage circulates widely on the Internet and contributes somewhat to the notoriety of the celebrity, although it does not correspond to the image perceived by the general public. If any interested party wishes the photo to be removed, please let us know: the photo will be removed immediately.


Slave deck

Slave Deck by barbary-dream

Photomontage with Dia Zerva (aka Dea) in Challenged, Infernal Restraints, Insex & Sophia Smith


Joceline: No better way to wake up

Joceline (aka Amelia Jane Rutherford, Ariel, Ariel Anderssen, Joceline Brooke-Hamilton, Lucy) in Wake up 6, 7, 4, 2 & 5 by John Running


Berseh and Tawny: Okay, I’ll admit I had no idea we’d have to stay like this, exposed and available but I’m not one to complain when my Mistress and Goddess wants me so close to her…

Berseh (aka Slave B) & Tawny in Just Hang Out by Tawny Tomsen


Kassandra and Lara: The slave market had a couple of feisty new girls on sale this morning

Kassandra & Lara Croft in Kassandra and Lara by KaneBrooks1


Katy Watkins: She loved the release from her tensions, her explosive climax and the total sense of humiliation and helplessness

Katy Watkins (aka Kate, KW) in A vendre, 242 Auction lot 147, 243 SOLD!, 244 Dressing the slave, 247 Submission, 247:2 Submission again & 253 On show (cropped) by Ash2169 (aka Ashley2169, ashinperil, sl28694 sweet little bitch)