Irina, Coffy and Esther: Naked humiliated helpless in the park

Irina (blond), Coffy (ebony) & Esther (right, top) in Parkland Pillory by SchulzWorld


Helena and Irina: Hey Slave, did I allow you to speak or make a sound? I don’t think so! You really are a bad girl, you deserve to be punished, don’t make another sound, I’m warning you.

Helena (spanker) & Irina (blond) in The Strange Love Of Helena! Part 4 (cropped), 5, 7, 8, 11 & 13 by CaptainAustria, 3D Art by Zac Dazza


O: Had she become a whore? No. She had become HIS property. Voluntarily.

013, 012 & 011 theStoryofO-by catOnine-TXT
Photomontage by catOnine (aka KitCat82)


Dana and Cat: My Sir sent me here to feel pain… please take this flogger, Madam, and whip me with it!

Dana & Cat 001 (cropped), 002, 003 & 004, illustrations by AgelmarJargad & texts by KitCat82 (aka catOnine82)


Cora and Susanne: You…we have great bodies. And I always dreamed having sex with a woman.

Cora (aka Corinna), Susanne & Sonja (aka Red Sonja, Sonja Bach) (redhead, referee) in Athletes boxing 16 (cropped), 22, 55, 74 (cropped), 97 & 106 (cropped) by CB1964


Carly and Sybil: This was exactly what I wanted, fighting nude in the ring, watched by the audience, the moaning, the sound of leather hitting the skin. And the feeling being caught, helpless, beaten.

Carly & Sybil (aka Sybille Petutschnigg) in Interracial Day 44 (cropped), 50 (cropped), 53, 60, 76 & 79 by CB1964


Beverly and Sonya: So why not fighting nude? Like in ancient Greece. Woman against woman. Beautiful bodies in a brutal fight.

Beverly (aka Bev) & Sonya (pink ribbon) in Teacher catfight (1st & 2nd pics cropped) by CB1964


After a long fight Angie gained the upper hand, hanging the exhausted Nikki upside down over the ropes and putting her finger deep inside her crotch

Nikki Martin (aka FighterGirl) & Angie in Nikki vs Angie – humiliation by CB1964


Emma: I want my Sir to have control over my body. My Sir will whip me. Or have my whipped.

Emma 3 by emma2991

Photomontage by catOnine (aka KitCat82)


Cat: I’m already so horny, horny for what’s to come

Cat in ThStoryofO, Cat, Cat whipping & Dana & Cat cage , illustrations (all cropped) by AgelmarJargad & texts by catOnine82 (aka KitCat82)