Shared pets among colleagues encourages team bonding and breaks down communication barriers

Caro & Sabine in Fantasy Corp. is a pet-friendly business 1 by rigidLink


Her facial expression is very close to being blank. As though she was raised and trained to accept that thoughts and feelings are considered unacceptable for a creature of her limited status.

Slavegirl, 001 by My-Rho


Still no field slave but well bathed and perfumed she still feels humiliated and degraded for being nothing more than a plaything for the pleasure of the high society

by shylock1975


Slave women work with the plants in the humid greenhouse… The crops produced are sold in the market, and sometimes some of the slaves are also sold.

Planthouse Slaves 104 by UnrealSadness


My slave Phaing is at your disposal. I wish the gentleman and possibly also the lady much pleasure.

Julie O’Brian (aka Sarah) (behind the glass, 1st pic & 3rd pic), Berseh (aka Slave Contender B) (blond) (dressed, 1st & 3d pics), Betty (aka Slave S, Betty O’Brian after she married Jolene) (naked servant, 1st, 2nd & 3rd pics), Jenny (aka Twatty) (cook, 2nd pic) & Phaing (naked, 3rd & 4th pics) in Power Play Pages 1008, 1009, 1013 & 1015 (all cropped) by Roissy


Slave women (white and black, young and old) are sold. Beautiful and sad women’s faces rarely smile. Slave women usually wear chains and handcuffs at auctions.

Slave Auction 202, 211, 207, Sadness Slave Auction 85 & Slave Auction 145 by UnrealSadness