Mistress Victoria and Zara: Sure it will be a harsh session, so she has been gagged, so that she does not disturb Mistress who is working in her office

Mistress Jojo (aka JojoBordeaux, Jolene, Mistress Victoria) & “Mommy” Zara (aka AmethystZara) in Zara’s Enrollment (part 1) by M4R4Z


Cynthia, a captured and enslaved Asian princess, is being offered as a gift to the Viking king

Cynthia in A Gift for the King (cropped) by M4R4Z


Haruka, Keby and Mathilda: She had her slave hair done, then a geisha makeup to complete the humiliation…. Mathilda was taken, leashed and naked, she was the one who had to pull the horse.

Haruka (mistress), Keby (with a geisha makeup) & Mathilda (pulling the horse) in French Bulldog (cropped) by Majystine


Arda: I am pulling her chain leash and will have her bend on a table where I can use her at my will. She is obediently following my commands, resigned (and maybe eager) to undergo what is expecting her.

Arda (aka Miss Arda, Mistress Arda) in Domination game (cropped) by M4R4Z


New slaves Katinka and Masha are so happy for receiving their new personal collar

Mistress Jojo (aka JojoBordeaux, Jolene, Mistress Victoria), Arda (aka Miss Arda, Mistress Arda)(maid), Isra (aka MissyDollface) (mistress 2nd pic), Iva (aka TheCuteRedRidingHood) (secretary 2nd pic), Katinka & Masha (redhead) in The slaves’ collars, A New Mistress, Happiness in chastity & Finally home! (part 2) by M4R4Z


Attached with clamps each other, Ann and Cecy are ready to pose and model for you

Cecy (aka Cecy Medina, Cecyme) & Ann in A ride with Ann by Cecyme
Cecy (aka Cecy Medina, Cecyme) & Ann in Ann’s and Cecy’s pain and pleasure by M4R4Z