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Stefanie and Julie: It was clear that she would have to expect revenge and punishment


Julie O’Brian (redhead, 2nd pic) & Stefanie in Power Play Page 649 (cropped) & Page 660 (cropped) by Roissy

She loves… her Master and Owner so much. Working hard and make him happy is her only purpose, her destiny.


Black slave-girl relaxing after work in the field by Blozart

Slavegirl 725, posing in her harness and chains


Slavegirl 725 (aka Shan Shan Wu) in Slavegirl 725, posing in her harness and chains by DefiantSubservience

Servant woman, naked, with a large steel collar locked tightly around her neck, and steel restraints on her wrists and ankles, in an empty horse corral, during a summer hail shower


Bathing Slave by SlaveScape

Yuri and Roxie: Make your Mistress happy, so she doesn’t have to punish you


Yuri (mistress) & Roxie (slave) in 50. Roxie Bed Approach & 51. Roxie Bedtime 01 by caligula97030

Emma and Gabby: Tonight, we’ll celebrate that now you’re my toy. We’ll have so much fun! I promise.


Emma Lindberg (mistress) & Gabrielle Ferrara (aka Gabby) in My Classmate Emma Lindberg Chapter 20, Page 20, 21, 22, 25 & 26 (all cropped without text), by simvenus