Now beg for your food like a good little bitch and then crawl into your box. It’s only over the weekend.

Cute pet begs, Two cute pets beg, Unfair Breakfast 1 & Happy Breakfast 1 by rigidLink


– So my submissive girl. You have two options: sit all day in this cage or become my dog for a while. – To be a dog (My dream).

Twin petgirl I (split) by Zennix3412


Nicole and Meghan: Thus, hearing Meghan’s harsh commands while kneeling naked and shackled in a dungeon rekindled Nicole’s passion

Nicole (blond) & Meghan (domme) in Students redux 42, 43, 44, 49 (cropped), 50 (cropped) & 51 by Whitehaven


Annika could not help but feel the excitement of being bound, of being naked and helpless: Her heart pounded when she contemplated the inevitability of being submitted to this punishment… It added to a strange mixture of emotions stirring in her belly.

Annika (dressed then whipped), Meghan (cleaning on all fours) & Lizzie (tail) in A Lesson in Humility 2, 7, 9, 10, 11 & 13 by Whitehaven


You must accept his commands immediately, smile even if you’re not sure what it is you are to do, appreciate roving hands on your body, answer to the leash tugs with pleasure

New game for you by Bess1sir


Jolene, Elrola and Larissa: I always have a whip with me, if you want I lend it to you

Jolene O’Brian (aka Vulva, Slave Vulva) (redhead), Elrola (black leather dress) & Larissa (leashed naked slave) in Power Play Pages 548, 549, 551 (cropped), 552 (cropped), 556 (cropped) & 572 (cropped) by Roissy


Princess Zoe and Miranda: shot in Kansas City

Princess Zoe & Miranda (aka Miranda Reagn) in Danse Two, Hooper-Danse-111 & Danse by Dirk Hooper