At any moment clearly visible for the young ladies during the long march to the market. Thus they can judge far better, for days and days on end, how well each boy is hung and how easily and how persistently he gets turned on.

Prisoners transpotation – break time (1) & 2 by vanneheim


Domina Licinia likes to force her slaves to punish each other

Domina Licinia, Lucretia (whipped, 1st pic & left, 2nd pic), the ebony slave (1st & 2nd pic) & the blonde slave in Whip Her ! Or You Both Will Be Whipped ! & New Slaves in the House by ShyTimide


New slaves did arrive for the slave market

Slave Market – New Slaves did Arrive (1), (2), (4), (5) & (7) by KinkyFunLover



Annabelle, Jackie, Lucy and Jane: It’s that quality that keeps our customers coming back

Annabelle, Jackie, Lucy & Jane (from left to right) in The Slave Market by Rex


First day, washed, inspection, waiting posture

First day slave girl, Washed First Day Slave Girl, First day Slave girl Inspection & Slave by vanneheim