As punishment she was fitted with an iron ball that was shackled permanently to irons fixed to her neck, ankles, and wrists

Escapee by Chris Macdee (Turnkey)


Joanna: If i´am punished for showing myself in public in a provocative dress, is it then better to let me run all the way to the prison farm stark naked?

Joanna and her big sister Martha (cropped) by Chris Macdee (Turnkey)


A female convict is transported to the colonies to be sold as a slave

Transported by Chris Macdee (Turnkey)


Lady Caroline and her maid Annabelle have been captured by pirates and now are prisoners on the pirate’s hideaway on a small island. Naked and chained…

Lady Caroline and her maid Annabelle in Anchored by Chris Macdee (Turnkey)