Ruby is required to inspire the galley slaves to work harder

DDD Ruby naked onboard galley 1, 2 & 3 DDD Ruby naked on sinking galley by Em Janss


Lisa was a music teacher in the local high school, she was good at playing violin, and she also liked to be restrainted

Lisa in Lisa’s Extra – Lisa and Violin by fantasytubasa


Berseh: Master? Look, I remain on the palette, like the animal you brought to your lair.. That you want to train.. Look, MasterJ.. I pose for you.. You can have what you want.. I’m your good girl.. Your possession.. Master, please?

Berseh (aka Slave B) in … still Playing, … even more Play & Night and Play by jerry001


Betty and Jolene: The restaurant had permission for female slaves to sit at the table without a leash… on the condition that the girls had to be completely naked.

Jolene O’Brian (aka Vulva, Slave Vulva) (redhead) & Betty (aka Slave S, Betty O’Brian after she married Jolene) in Power Play Pages 1150 & 1151 (both cropped) by Roissy


Callie and Piper: Completely naked, with no way to hide herself. These men stared at her body like a livestock animal.

Callie (blond) & Piper (redhead) in Road Trip 6, 24, 22, 27 (split), 28 & 29 (all cropped) by Whitehaven


Meghan and Nicole: The added humiliation of being forced to make a spectacle of herself—on command, naked on her knees while being watched—added fuel to her flames

Nicole (blond) & Meghan (domme) in Students redux 87 (split), 89 & 90 by Whitehaven


Catherine: While he thwapped her with the crop he carefully watched how her face expressed joy and excitement… We must do this again. Soon.

Catherine in Just an Afternoon 4, 6, 10, 12, 13 & 30 by Hoppety Hoppety


Iris: We practive discipline for an hour… You look so sexy.

Iris Highsmith (aka Iris Blair) in Power Play Pages 1049 & 1050 (cropped) by Roissy


Mell is for sale? This is too good to pass up on. For life or for a limited time? What are the conditions?

Mell (aka Melanie) (redhead, left) & other slaves in Auction & 001 by IronScoutArt


Grace: For now, she could only wait. Master often liked to test her obedience by seeing how long she would wait patiently for him. Afterward, he would test her obedience in other ways.

Grace in Obedience She doesn’t mind waiting (cropped) by kzoneart


Tawny: My Queen… Do you have a visitor tonight? I see you’re preparing yourself for an enchanting moment.

Tawny in Self Occupation 01, 05, 06, 07 & 08 by Tawny Tomsen