Cinderella: Those horrible things they’re doing to me… excite me… and I can’t stop think about it…

Cinderella (aka Cindirella, Cindy, Cindyrella) in From Cindyrella (split) by Bern Arctoss


Irina, Coffy and Esther: Naked humiliated helpless in the park

Irina (blond), Coffy (ebony) & Esther (right, top) in Parkland Pillory by SchulzWorld


When someone enters the room Monika has been taught to immediately get into a kneeling position and wait for whatever will be done to her.

Monika in Chained plaything by BoundSI (aka BoundsandLeashes)


Martha: She is forced to always be on all fours

Martha in Watering time by BoundSI (aka BoundsandLeashes)