I was sold last month. My previous owners could afford more expensive slaves. Now I am working at my new owners’ cafe.

Dayjob01 by chydorei


Sundays are the days when we are rewarded or punished… Some of the punishments are carried out right away… I don’t like Sundays.

Sunday 3 (cropped) by chydorei


I am still embarrassed… It feels so shameful… but at least the collar and the leash makes it clear I am forced to be like this and by choice.

Shopping with owners by chydorei


And after all I was forced to go out like this, so that took the reponsibility of indecency off from my shoulders. Secretly I’ve even enjoyed the embarrassment.

Shopping with owners by chydorei


My pre-auction inspection was horrible. My hands were cuffed behind a pole, and my legs were chained together behind that pole too… also my collar. Before the viewing I was oiled from head to toes.

Preauction Inspection 04 by chydorei


Before the auction, potential customers were allowed to inspect us. They were allowed to touch, poke, pinch, open and look into everywhere.

Preauction Inspection 03 (cropped) by chydorei


After I’ve been bought and brought home by the Master and Mistress, I was expecting to get some clothes. That is just not happening. I guess this is the way how they keep slaves around here.

Question 01 by chydorei