Olesya Odintsova: I was caught and put up for sale, untrained, 1,500$ or best offer

Olesya Odintsova in Olesya, A war trophy for sale 1, A slave trader’s trophy & Caught by Rabynya & skynet10001110101 (most of the pics)


I want you to hop over to our new neighbor and give him this switch. He’s going to beat your ass good with it… after every swipe I want you to say ‘thank you sir’

Carol (ebony) & her pet in Pleasant Valley Sunday by Taurus


Mell: Lone female attending to three ugly males, kept naked with this humiliating tail… the painful clamps and forced to keep the gag on

Mell (aka Melanie) (redhead) in ServiceSmall (000), 020, 021, 005, 011 (all cropped) & 026 by IronScoutArt
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