– Please tie me to the rack there and then whip me. – Oh, no, that will hurt… – It doesn’t matter, Ma’am, I was trained to be whipped, so it’s OK.

Lisa (red dress) & the ponygirl (naked, whipped) in Lisa’s Test 3 by fantasytubasa


You’re sure she’s obedient?

Purchase, Purchased, After the purchase, Playing in the sun, Training – lesson 3 & Training – lesson 4 (all cropped) by Major651


Her facial expression is very close to being blank. As though she was raised and trained to accept that thoughts and feelings are considered unacceptable for a creature of her limited status.

Slavegirl, 001 by My-Rho


Fasten seatbelts, and then put her in the back seat of your car for an extended weekend getaway, sweet ride… sweet time

Fasten Seatbelts, selected by Ghostrider61


At the last moment before the whipping begins her remaining items of clothing will be cut away from her and she will be completely nude to add to her shame and humiliation

The night corporal punishment… (1) & 3 & A night whipping of the half-dressed lass by vasiliykindin (aka vasilijskindinovs)