Sine McMahon: – Well, you realize you would have to give up your freedom and submit to me? I want you like this – natural. – Yes, Master.

Sine McMahon in Submitting to Tarl by Sine McMahon


Sine is initiated to her Schendi* slavery. The high priests that oversee the ritual nods approvingly.

Sine McMahon in Sines initiation & Sine and her new Master by Sine McMahon

*According to Explorers of Gor by John Norman, Open Road Media Sci-Fi & Fantasy (May 6, 2014), p. 85, The city of Schendi is an equatorial free port, located just south of the equator … Schendi is also the home port to the infamous League of Black Slavers. The League are an organized group of pirates, well known for their cruelty. They generally restrict their pirating and slaving to the waters far from Schendi, not wishing to prey upon their own people. The League generally does not sell their captures in Schendi. They prefer to sell them closer to other slave markets or at the Sardar fairs … The sign of Schendi is the “shackle and scimitar”. The shackle obviously symbolizes slavery and maybe more specifically the League of Black Slavers … (


Sine MacMahon: Sine was taken to the sailors bed every evening and she was made to pleasure a lot of them. She was also used to scrub the deck and keep the boat tidy.

Sine McMahon in The pier of Ayr & Thentis slavers house by Sine McMahon


Sine is strapped to a wagon, destined to be a beast of burden and hard labour

Sine McMahon in Abdullah’s farm by Sine McMahon


Sine McMahon, Alina von Rittenberg and Phedre no Darnay: You will also be the serving slaves at the party as well as having to provide the entertainment

Sine McMahon, Alina von Ritenberg & Phedre no Darnay in Rittenberger Hof 1, 2 & 3 by Sine McMahon


Sine McMahon: Sold to the Royal Casablanca Brothel and branded with their symbol

Sine McMahon in District Red 5 by Sine McMahon


Sine McMahon: She is only a kajira. It was a long time ago she was a high-caste green. Now she is only for the pleasure of men.

Sine McMahon in Richard hires a coin slut while her Master is away (cropped) by Sine McMahon


Phedre Darnay, Sine McMahon and Andrea da Cacela: Oh, what a needy slave she is

Phedre Darnay, Sine McMahon & Andrea da Cacela in Master Rius examining merchandise (cropped) by Sine McMahon


Sine McMahon and Sonya: Several leather workers dressed the women in harnesses specially made for making them to become beasts of burden

Sine McMahon (blond) & Sonya in Master Riu’s wagon & Beasts of burden by Sine McMahon


Sine McMahon and Yulia: You see all of her and she can hide nothing, not even if she is aroused

Sine McMahon & Yulia (caged) in Tarl is trained as a slaver (cropped) by Sine McMahon


Sine McMahon and Olesya: She would most likely be expensive. She was trained to give pleasure to a man. Learned to carry a cart.

Sine McMahon & Olesya in Olesya is sold, Alyosha and his slave, Alyosha receives Tarl (all cropped) & Trip to Turia by Sine McMahon