Beth and Catherine: As she received hit after hit from the tongue of the crop, she felt the heat from the delicious pain spreading

Beth (dominant) & Catherine (sub) in After the Cheese 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 by Hoppety Hoppety


Venus corset

Venus Corset 1 – The Beginning, VenusCorset 2 – The Plunge, Venus Corset Wedding 2 – The Plunge & VenusCorset 3 -Tightened by Hoppety Hoppety
Based on a series of drawings by John Willie, finished by Stanton. The uncensored pic is on The Art of Darkness DVD.



Catherine: Inspired by one of the most erotic whipping pictures, on Folsom Street Fair

Catherine in Whipping in the park (cropped) by Hoppety Hoppety