Exotic purchase: She shocked me, she said she was afraid her face would blush and it would appear that she was excited by it

Exotic Purchase by PrismarinePaint


You’ll get used to it, day 3 of gag punishment

You’ll Get Used to It & Day 3 of Gag Punishment by PrismarinePaint


Slavegirl 725, posing in her harness and chains

Slavegirl 725 (aka Shan Shan Wu) in Slavegirl 725, posing in her harness and chains by DefiantSubservience


FBI agent Sculley has stumbled onto a white slave trading network

Dana Sculley – Nude capture by Pat Morales

Inspired by Whitepeach in captivity by Ric

Inspired by Dr. Dana Katherine Scully, MD, the fictional character and the main protagonist of the Fox science-fiction, supernatural television series The X-Files


Princess Leia explains the rules of the palace while she and Sam escort the newly-enslaved Jill Valentine to the slave quarters

Samantha Carter (left), Jill Valentine (naked) & Princess Leia Organa (right) in Jill Enslaved by PhailUpLate