This will be your first official inspection, it will be thorough and invasive

Intake 347, 356, 357, 365, 367 & 375 (all cropped) by Thecol1029


After she was stripped, Adelina was taken right over to a cage that had plenty of room to accommodate her

Adelina, 3 naked caged girls & Francine (slaver) in Room for One More 001 (cropped) by Thecol1029


Celia couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she was being led down the long hallway to the stripping room

Maria (slaver), Celia (with clothes) & 4 naked girls in Hallway Display 001 (cropped) by Thecol1029


Georgia: You’re a failure. You will remain in this room this afternoon…

Georgia (ponytail), Francine (slaver) & other girls in Evaluation Lineup 001 by Thecol1029


They purchased Lot #4892-F and immediately named her Bella after a dog that Mrs. Lorginson had

Bella (formerly Jing Ya) in Pet Ownership 001 by Thecol1029


Okay, girls. Now that you have all been locked into position, the training session can now begin.

Training 009 (cropped), 011 (cropped), 013 & 015 (cropped) by Thecol1029, with Melissa (011 & 013) & Jessica Anne (aka Jessie) (011 & 015)


Ophelia was quickly stripped and all she could do was stand there, humiliated as these strangers discussed the value of her various body parts

Ophelia & Maria (slaver) in Ophelia’s Turn 002 (cropped) by Thecol1029


Lot# 3239, Inventory ID# 48297, 22-year-old Eurasian mixed breed, Former name: “Ana”, Fully trained (24 weeks)

Ana in For Sale 01 by Thecol1029


I never get tired of hearing that beautiful sound when a ballgag pops behind a girl’s teeth

Adeline (001, 002 & 005), Joleen (002 & 005), Gloria (redhead 004 & 005), Francine (slaver, grey hair) & Maria (slaver) in Girl Auction Prep pages 002 (cropped), 001, 005 & 004 by Thecol1029


Mei Lin was no longer a talented programmer at the heigth of her career… She will be turned into an onject to be put up on display and sold.

Mei Lin, other girls & Francine (slaver) in Mei Lin is Taken pages 29 & 30 (all cropped) by Thecol1029


In this room, we take in all of the new items and get them checked in as new inventory. They are stripped and staged here in a lineup.

Olesya & Francine (slaver) in Olesya is Taken 74, 72, 84, 85, 86 & 92 (all cropped) by Thecol1029


Delighted to see the nipple tag get put in place on the Asian tart

The Tour 15, 14, 08 & 24 (all cropped) by Thecol1029