A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.

(Diane Arbus)

Humiliation, slavery, submissive girls, BDSM. Exquisite Slave is the ultimate photo gallery and the perfect gateway to all the best BDSM websites. 12,056 posts and 29,026 photos, about 7.5”/19cm wide, all-nude, with esthetic and original content, no wait, no pop-up, no unwanted content (what you are not looking for), redirection, no duplicates and no need to browse through thousands of tasteless pictures.

For urbane adults interested by consensual art and fantasy. Exquisiteslave.com contains uncensored sexually explicit material unsuitable for minors. You must be at least 18+ to visit.

Dedicated to all the models in this site and their talented photographers and digital artists and their unique work: Whenever possible, the headlines mention first the name of the model(s) then information related to the original source. And beneath the photo(s), the name of the PHOTOGRAPHER or film director or digital artist when known.


Exquisiteslave.com deals with sexual slavery and sexual humiliation where girls are stripped, humiliated and forced to work or just naked: you will find here no explicit sexual intercourse, no explicit blowjob, no blood, very few dildos, electrosex, tattoos and weapons. You will not find hints to religion and other values as we do not want to hurt our visitors. No vulgarity of course. And, by all means, we are excluding strongly any hint to underage sex (all models and persons represented are 18 years old or older at the time of shooting, all characters -digital, comics, video games and photomontages- are 18 years old or older), incest, violence, national socialism (nazi), necrophily and bestiality. The publication of photos and images does not imply the agreement of Exquisite Slave on the texts and other photos and images that may accompany them in the original source.

Exquisite Slave has inserted DIGITAL art, ** PHOTOMONTAGES, COMICS (when a text is inserted in the image and/or a full story goes with several drawn pictures) and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) as long as these images stimulate fantasy and follow the guidelines (no sexual intercourse, etc.): without denying the remarkable work of their authors, these illustrations may have been cropped to highlight the beauty of nude models. Indeed, all these, compared to the photographs, often allow to go much further in fantasy.



Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Exquisite Slave is about consensual art and fantasy. This is art. The very nature of these things is that they are not constrained by the boundaries of reality. This is not real, it is only fantasy.

If you feel that a photo does not comply with this policy, do not hesitate to tell us. We value highly the comments you may have.

All the images mention the sources of the website where they originated, whenever possible. The headlines inserted by Exquisite Slave in the posts are derived from the original images but may approximate the story behind: therefore, we encourage you to click on the affiliate links to the source websites. And you will get much more. The headlines inserted in the widgets (right of the main content) have been imagined by Exquisite Slave: they can be found in the BEST-OF REVISITED page.

All images are assumed to be in the public domain. If any of the images belong to you and you want them removed or credited to you, please contact us. If a model or photographer wants to get credit or removed from the index (right), please let us know.

Select the gallery of your choice with the following browsing categories (in capital letters) and models (right):
– models by country f.ex. if you want to look at all the French models, go to FRANCE
— models by fantasy f.ex. if you want to look at all the Auction photos, go to
– models by name f.ex. if you want to look at all the photos of Justine Joli, go to
Justine Joli.

In the Categories section, you will find the Preferences with all the settings you may want:

– How: with an
– When:
– Where in the house: with
DRINKS, in the DINING ROOM, in the KITCHEN, etc.

– Elsewhere: in a
BAR , at the BEACH, in a CAR, etc.

Be very cautious if you are experimenting with a new scenery (as in “vanilla” practices).

If you are not too keen on BDSM, go directly to the NAKED residual Preference or to the LESBIAN or MASSAGE Preference.

Exquisite Slave Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found at Terms & Conditions, Privacy.

Enjoy Exquisite Slave.





27 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Hi,

    I would like to see more pics posted of my chinese slave Zhi.
    If you are interested I can provide you a lot of pics of her to be uploade here..

    Master Mike

  2. Thanks for agreeing to post more pics of Zhi on Exquisite Slave. I will send you various sets from private BDSM Sessions with her. Since a few years she is extremely tattoed so I will include also pcs form her showing off her beautiful tattoos

  3. There is a model that I’m looking for. I believe that she’s Russian. I’ve seen her perform under the name “Nadya” on bondagewomen.net (unfortunately I cannot find the image set, but she was wearing a military shirt and handcuffed in a train). I’ve also seen her perform as Nastasja on high tide-video.com (warning: scat).

    Now, the reason that I’m contacting you about her is that she has performed frequently with Krista Kass. Here is one gallery of her performing with Krista Kass (I believe the site was birape.com or bidomination.com)

    1. Thank you for your interest in Exquisite Slave.

      At first look, we cannot identify this model but will look further into the 666 Russian models of Exquisite Slave. Do not hesitate to do the same.

      Kind regards,

  4. Even as it acknowledges the significant limits imposed on slaves’ access to elegant clothing, Exquisite Slaves also showcases the insistence and ingenuity with which slaves dressed to convey their own sense of humanity and dignity.

    1. Boa tarde
      Quem escreve é o Alexandre, do Brasil.
      Este site é pago?
      Se sim, consigo ter acesso ao BitchSlapped.co.uk?
      Outra pergunta: o que aconteceu com este site e com os videos postados nele durante todo este tempo?

      Obrigado antecipadamente

      1. The Bitchslapped.co.uk website was abandoned. You’ll find most of the pics at Exquisite Slave (Search: Bitchslapped), retrieved from everywhere on Internet.

  5. You are illegally ripping content off from other websites. You refuse to answer our contact attempts, too. We have filed a report on you and will be following up with a takedown demand. Stop ripping off other people’s copyrighted material and personal privacy, please.

    1. We have removed, with regrets, your excellent photos, as we always do when receiving similar requests. You have seen that all your photos were displayed with a banner leading to your website and we hope that you have got a few more subscribers.

    1. Which one should we remove? All of them are published with affiliate agreements except one. This one (the second one) is the 5th most popular photo with 3-year page views of 42,877. Do you hold the copyright of it if this is the one we should remove? It is our policy to remove photos if the owner of the copyright does not agree or to add the name of the artist photographer or creator of the photomontage. Thank you for explaining.

        1. Dear Ms. Scarlet,
          As requested, we have removed, with regrets, your excellent photo, as we are very committed to the respect of intellectual rights.
          Kind regards,

          The Webmaster, Exquisite Slave.

        1. Dear Mr. Ross,

          We have removed, with regrets, your three excellent photos. The stats were 1 Roxanne Summers 55 page views (PV), 2 Lionness 43 PV 3 Raphaella McNamara 37 PV

          Should you wish to bring them back in our website, you’ll always be welcome.

          Kind regards,

          The Webmaster, Exquisite Slave

  6. Hi,

    the pictures by alienarea and vongoid are mine and have been stolen from my deviantart accounts.

    Please remove them within 5 working days or I will take legal action.

    Best regards,


    1. All pictures have been removed, with regrets. Should you change your mind, don’t hesitate to come back, you’ll be welcome.

  7. The current inability to download printable pictures to ones computer is a real bummer. What was the reason for this change.

    1. There seems to be an incompatibility between the print plugin and the zoom plugin. We’ll check this.


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