Get used to it princess. You’re no longer African royalty. You’re now a slave.

Slavegirl at Work by loumrote (aka Hesdhay)


Amanda Meyers investigates poor prison conditions at Falworth Womens Penitentiary

Amanda Meyers in Falworth Mine – Progress Report 026, 028, 035, 043 & 047

A re-imagined story using the legendary Tibool’s mine art, The Mine part 11


Lily: Slave girls in the wagon ahead stared straight ahead, averting their eyes from the scene

Lily & other slaves in Meeting with Grigori 1, 2, 5, 8 & 10 by by Karim Kurame (Emarukk)


Poor Lily, pampered house slave desperately in love with her Master lived an easy life until cruel fate took her away from him

Water Lily by by Karim Kurame (Emarukk)


The blond girl… her bare body lithe and trembling with fear… her creamy skin, bright blue eyes, and long, golden tresses – features he knew would make her a highly desirable slave

Anora (kneeling) & Nyota (with the tray) in Johan Returns Pages 3, 2 & 1 by by Karim Kurame (Emarukk)