Emma and Gabby: Tonight, we’ll celebrate that now you’re my toy. We’ll have so much fun! I promise.

Emma Lindberg (mistress) & Gabrielle Ferrara (aka Gabby) in My Classmate Emma Lindberg Chapter 20, Page 20, 21, 22, 25 & 26 (all cropped without text), by simvenus


“Hands and knees, here,” Mistress ordered, pointing at the floor. Maggie quickly complied, heaving learned long ago to quickly follow directions.

Maggie (& Mistress) in SnS The Plank Lesbian BDSM Playtime by Wurger


Ruby: That happens when the mayor decides that the streets must be cleaned. All a big missunderstanding, I’m sure.

Ruby in Ruby Abandoned Room 2 by Alex Hellmann


Berseh and Betty: We’re making a nice photo book, “Slave Brunette Dominated by Mistress B.”

Betty (aka Slave S, Betty O’Brian after she married Jolene) (naked) & Berseh (aka Slave Contender B) (blond, dressed) in Power Play Pages 210, 212, 213, 214, 215 & 216 (all cropped) by Roissy


They’re treated like animals, permanently silent and naked

Amy (white dress), Dazzle Biscuit (ponygirl left) & Teacup Tempest (ponygirl right) in WATCHING THE PONYGIRLS by DjEtla


Jolene and Berseh: I hereby officially hand over my slave “B”… Possible punishment and full responsibility. If you agree, take this leash!

Jolene O’Brian (formerly Slave Vulva, redhead) & Berseh (aka Slave Contender B) in Power Play Pages 21, 25, 33, 40, 44 & 51 by Roissy


Monique, Val and Pea: Pleasure from being treated like a dumb animal… ashamed… in front of the staff and guests as well as various other servants and slaves… very very excited

Monique (mistress), Val (decorative) & Pea (leashed 1st pic, decorative 2nd pic) in The exhibition & coupled by Ash2169 (aka Ashley2169, ashinperil, sl28694 sweet little bitch)


She wants to surprise her master today when he comes back from work. She’s waiting for her naked, handcuffed, blindfolded…

Wife or slave? 3 by 3DPerversion


Berseh, Jolene and Betty: – The slave’s head is slightly bent down. – Slightly bent down? Are you giving me instructions? Am I a slave?

Jolene O’Brian (formerly Slave Vulva, redhead), Betty (aka Slave S, Betty O’Brian since she married Jolene, naked) & Berseh (aka Slave Contender B, caned) in The Landis and Vicio empire Pages 797, 803, 806, 807, 810 & 811 (all cropped except Page 797) by Roissy