Mar 102017

Sabina Casarova (Buyer), Zuzana Presova (aka Charlie, Denny, Prima, Tracy, Zuzka, Zuzka P) (Guard One), Marie Veckova (aka Marie E, Marushka Veckova, Mia Me, Mya) (Girl One), Gabriela Tchekan (aka Gabriela Luzova, Nikita Valentin)(Huntress), Nikol Bogdanova (Girl Two) and Martina Gavriely (Guard Two) in Slave Huntress 2 by Lloyd A. Simandl


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Oct 312016
Otto’s Femdom Spanking Art proposes the following story:
Here’s a fun game: Get your slave to a large fenced in wooded area. Strip her down and cuff her hands behind her back. Let her go at sunset and give her a few minutes head start. Spend the rest of the night hunting her with a bb (airsoft) gun. For every bb (plastic) mark on her body, she spends one day in bondage in your basement.


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