Cora and Susanne: You…we have great bodies. And I always dreamed having sex with a woman.

Cora (aka Corinna), Susanne & Sonja (aka Red Sonja, Sonja Bach) (redhead, referee) in Athletes boxing 16 (cropped), 22, 55, 74 (cropped), 97 & 106 (cropped) by CB1964


Sonja, Zari and Silke: My friend Silke was also very excited, also the vision seeing me in the ring in a no-rules fight against another woman

Sonja (aka Red Sonja, Sonja Bach), Zari (ebony) & Silke in Sonja vs Zari 02, 10, 56, 68, 80 & 89 by CB1964


Sonja and Alana: I will have sex, they can beat me and I will have sex again. It´s like a coercion you see?

Sonja (aka Red Sonja, Sonja Bach) & Alana Morris (naked) in Recruiting fighters 13 by CB1964


Sandra and Sonja: She now offers fights in a private ring, VIP only

Sandra Mayer & Sonja (aka Red Sonja, Sonja Bach) in Red Sonja Bach Genesis 3 & Sonja vs. Sandra private ring (cropped) by CB1964


Jessica, Sonja Bach and Valerie: And this? This should be a panty? This is just a string running between my lips! I didn´t expect this one.

Jessica (with pony tail), Sonja Bach (aka Sonja, Red Sonja) (redhead) & Valerie Albertine, countess de Archambeault (aka Madame O, Valerie) (blond) in Madame O 22 (cropped), 31, 34, 36, 55 & 66 (cropped) by CB1964


Pouring cold water over Sonja´s body

Mollie (aka Molly) (corner girl) & Sonja (aka Red Sonja, Sonja Bach) (fighter) in The Rematch 03 & 12 by CB1964