GAGGED Muzzled

Sep 182023

Jenny, Lana, Sarah & others (artist) in Bound for the Museum 000 Cover Page & 028 4k Big Finale by TheVenusVariable

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Aug 272023

Dominance 2.1 by AnArtLife

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Aug 272023

Slavegirl entertains buyers between auction lots, Surprise from Lot 42, as bidding passes US$4 mil & Slavegirls are prepared backstage before auction by DefiantSubservience

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Aug 272023

Jenny (bound on top), Lana (bound, short hair) & Xera (artist) in Bound for the Museum 011 4k Stripping, 012 4k Binding Jenny, 013 4k Binding Lana & 014 4k Critique by TheVenusVariable

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Aug 142023

Jolene O’Brian (formerly Slave Vulva, redhead), Betty (aka Slave S, Betty O’Brian since she married Jolene, naked) & Berseh (aka Slave Contender B, caned) in The Landis and Vicio empire Pages 797, 803, 806, 807, 810 & 811 (all cropped except Page 797) by Roissy

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Aug 122023

English Damsel (with the crop), Brenda Bound (hopping), Allie Darkfold (with the very tight crotch rope) & Chisato Watanabe in Ladies of dA-Waiting Room by Driver651

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