After falling into captivity, Amazanna is now powering the big waterpump underneath Thulsa Doom’s FortressTumbling around in a circle, pulling the traction chain with her bellyiron for 20 hours each day under constant whiplashes for several days now – but she still is strong like an oxen; at the moment…

Amazanna powering the wheel of pain & Slave Amazzanna by GlorreicherHalunke


She had managed to grab the loincloth of a fellow convict… and she no longer had to prance around completely naked in front of the guards and the other convicts

Rocinate 2 & 3 by GlorreicherHalunke


Ex-Air Force Commander Lisa Mc Lish: barefoot, half-naked… facing her first interrogation

Hanoi Hilton 2 (cropped), Hanoi Hilton: Hard Labor 4 & 5, Hanoi Hilton 10: Second Night in her Prisoncell, Hanoi Hilton 20 & 50 by GlorreicherHalunke


Countess Friederike von der Trenck shackled in chains and… thrown naked into the prison cell

Trenck 4, 3 & 4 by GlorreicherHalunke